Company Structure


Shoreline Mall Plc (SMP), was incorporated on 15 December 2017 and registered under Maltese Law as a public liability company with registration number C 84005 and registered address at Suite 407, Level 4, Block SCM 01, Smart City Malta, Ricasoli, Kalkara, Malta. The Issuer is, except for 4,424,002 Ordinary A Shares and 1 Ordinary B Share, which are held by Shoreline Residence Limited, a subsidiary of Shoreline Holdings Limited. The diagram above illustrates the companies within the organisational structure of the Shoreline Group, as at the date of the Prospectus.

SMP has an authorised share capital of €21,000,000 divided into 20,999,999 Ordinary A Shares and 1 Ordinary B Share all having a nominal value of €1 each. The issued share capital of the Issuer is of €21,000,000 divided into 16,575,997 Ordinary A Shares of €1 each, fully paid up, 4,424,002 Ordinary A Shares of €1 each 33.9% paid up and 1 Ordinary B Share of €1 euro, fully paid up.

Shoreline Holdings Limited (SHL), company registration number C 86187, was set up on 8 May 2018 and acts as the holding company of the Shoreline Group. SHL has an authorised share capital of €11,500,000 €15,000,000 divided into 11,500,000 15,000,000 ordinary shares all having nominal value of €1 each. The issued share capital is of €11,497,700 divided into 11,497,700 ordinary shares, which are divided into 5,108,183 Ordinary A Shares 100% paid up, 2,000,000 Ordinary A Shares 25% paid up, 239,926 Ordinary B Shares 100% paid up, 2,149,591 Ordinary C Shares 100% paid up and 2,000,000 Ordinary
C Shares 25% paid up. The main shareholders are; Jade Property Investments Limited (61.82%), Middletown Investments Limited (36.09%) and RAMM Assets Limited (2.09).

Shoreline Residence Limited (SRL) and Shoreline Contracting Limited (SCL) were incorporated on 12 September 2016 and 15 December 2017 respectively. Shoreline Residence and Shoreline Contracting are both 100% owned by Shoreline Holdings. The business objects of Shoreline Residence are those of developing the airspace above the Shoreline Mall Site whilst Shoreline Contracting acts as the contracting arm of the Shoreline Group thereby entering into agreements with third-party contractors for the development of the portions of the Designated Area held by Shoreline Residence and the Issuer.

The Shoreline Mall Bonds

Year of Issue Original Currency Value in Original Currency Interest Rate (%) Maturity Date Prospectus
2020 Euro 14,000,000 4 2026
26,000,000 4.5 2032

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