The Shoreline to have its own distinct place-brand

Source: Sunday press release (15/10/2017)

The Shoreline brand is being rolled out at SmartCity, an altogether distinct element to turn the former into a distinct brand that is a household name and recognisable immediately the moment it is mentioned.

The Shoreline is by far the largest and most significant development of its type in the south. Its shopping mall will comprise a 25,000 square metres gross area on two floors with 30 outlets, having ample space for underground parking, as well as a modern and sophisticated living with more than 450 shoreline residences.

Ask Philip Harcourt, Stephen Spendlove, and Malcolm Allan, respectively from Development Solutions (UK), Stephen Spendlove Retail Consultants and Placematters, who have been appointed to advise The Shoreline’s project owners, Ricasoli Properties Ltd, about the mixed use development there.

They will tell you that The Shoreline is more about amenity, about creating a great life at SmartCity through the right mix of residential living, shopping and entertainment that will attract target audiences.  “It is about turning what is essentially just an office park (from 9 to 5 Monday to Friday) into a 24/7 living destination. To do this, The Shoreline must have its own place-brand; distinct from and not subservient to SmartCity.

Steve Carter, managing director at The Shoreline, explained: “We want to arrive at a point where people would say ‘Let’s go for a day out at The Shoreline’.  We want them to say this in the same way they might say it about a day out in Valetta or Sliema.”

The key reason for developing our brand is to give people a reason to locate at or to visit the place. Branding can drive change as well as the other way around. When a new development takes place, this is just part of regeneration. Regeneration is renewal from within, and comprises social, environmental and cultural regeneration for which often, but not always, physical redevelopment (or regeneration) is a vehicle or a catalyst.

“The long-term intention is that it will provide a catalyst for the wider improvements in the Kalkara area. Already, this has been evidenced through new infrastructure proposals, planned new ferry services and growing numbers of tourist visits.

“Separate to the wider issue of brand for the places of The Shoreline or SmartCity will be the consumer brands that will be attracted here and in turn become attractors. Hence brand becomes important in all senses, as we see successful consumer brands drive the success of The Shoreline; and success breeds success,” said Philip Harcourt.

Stephen Spendlove explained: “The fact that The Shoreline is not Valetta or Sliema or St Julian’s should prove to be an advantage rather than an impediment.  In creating a unique destination to sit at the heart of SmartCity, around which will be an exciting mix of employment, education and technical establishments, supported by residential apartments, we will be able to attract the most diverse range of both retailers and customers.  It will help make SmartCity become Malta’s only true mixed-use destination development.”

“The Shoreline will be the “town square” for SmartCity where residents, workers, students, other Maltese and tourists will congregate,” said Malcolm Allan. “We often refer to the key ingredients that define a destination as being the ability to live, work, shop and play.  Only SmartCity and The Shoreline will offer this in Malta.”

Development Solutions (UK), Stephen Spendlove Retail Consultants and Placematters’ appointment closely follows that of Haskoll, one of Europe leading retail architectural practices, who will be working directly with retailers to ensure that the shopping mall project is completed on time and to the highest standards.