The Shoreline adhering to original SmartCity Master Plan

Source: (28/07/2017)

Ricasoli Properties Limited would like to state the following facts:

  • 'The Shoreline' project, a mixed-use development consisting of both retail and residential offerings set to be created at SmartCity Malta by Ricasoli Properties Limited is a totally separate project to the hospital being developed by Synesis Ltd on the same location. These are two separate ventures by two different private groups.
  • ‘The Shoreline’ project application is within the parameters of the original Master Plan for SmartCity as established in 2007.
  • ‘The Shoreline’ project is financed by Ricasoli Properties Ltd shareholders’ money and the properties have been put on pre-sale as happens normally with projects of this nature. This is intended to give buyers the opportunity to participate at an early stage rather than when the project is built up.

- Jul 28, 2017