The Shoreline: live, work, play

Source: (11/07/2017)

The Shoreline is a recently announced €200 million project offering 450 modern apartments with an interesting mix of sizes and view orientations, all with extensive terraces, built on top of a two floor 30-outlet Shopping Mall, with ample space for underground parking at SmartCity Malta.

What has the response been from prospective buyers looking at Shorelines residences? Could you give some numbers on take up of the residences?

Ricasoli Properties Limited is satisfied that take up of the residences for phase 1 is as expected. Every single day, further enquiries about The Shoreline are being received as investors in property have adopted the principle ‘buy great property and wait”.

What makes a Shoreline residence an attractive prospect?

With most of its residences enjoying spectacular views, beautifully landscaped open spaces, and an assortment of community amenities, The Shoreline offers owners a unique and exciting experience of contemporary living in a new environment in Malta. These residences propose an important and essential residential component to the current office and catering developments and a number of exciting projects that have already been announced at SmartCity.

Moreover, the fact that the project is in a specially designated area (SDA) which status allows both EU and non-EU nationals to purchase property at ‘The Shoreline’ with the same acquisition rights as Maltese citizens, and without the need to obtain an Acquisition of Immovable Property (AIP) permit, has been duly noted by investors. In our case, there are no limits on the amount of properties a buyer can purchase and, once acquired, the owner can also lease the property.

What are the features to look forward to?

The architectural challenge has been entrusted to EM Architects & Civil Engineers, led by architect Perit Edwin Mintoff.  Ricasoli Properties Ltd believes that EM has managed to achieve an exciting balance by creating a building that has a large frontage facing the sea, having large terraces at both penthouse and upper levels, and a vast residential garden that accommodates a health club, and a large swimming pool. The bottom part of the podium opens onto a series of public spaces that surround SmartCity Laguna, and accommodates the top floor of the Retail Mall, thus ensuring an active frontage onto the Laguna.

Carter Architectural Studio (CAS) has been appointed as the interior architects. Led by Perit Claire Carter, they will be contributing their avant-garde vision to create interiors that respect the contemporary aspirations of owners and future tenants, by crafting a new style approach that embraces the project’s surroundings externally and embodies a sleek and modernist outlook internally.

How does The Shoreline corporate identity concept of ‘live, work, play’ factor into the design of the residences as a living space?

The Shoreline is a mixed use development that breaks the mould for bespoke living in the south of Malta. The corporate identity of this new landmark takes its inspiration from the calm waves of the sea that cradles its doorstep, while reflecting the values and visions of Ricasoli Properties Ltd.  In this new city environment, owners and tenants can enjoy the convergence of three elements that define the development: live, work, play.  ‘The Shoreline’ comprises sophisticated living and an assortment of community amenities, all within easy walking distance.