The Shoreline: spectacular views, luxurious living in Mediterranean Malta

Source: Times Of Malta (18/06/2017)

A new landmark is set to be created in Malta in the neighbourhood of a new IT and business hub called SmartCity (Malta).  ‘The Shoreline’ will comprise modern and sophisticated living with 450-plus shoreline residences, enjoying spectacular Mediterranean views, beautifully landscaped open spaces, and an assortment of community amenities.

Consisting of a balanced mix of differently sized and very well laid out units with diverse view orientations, overlying  a Shopping Mall comprising 17,000 sqm of net rentable space, with three further levels of underground parking, ‘The Shoreline’ is by far one of the largest and most significant development of its type on the island. Malta is building an enviable position on the world stage when it comes to making the most of very high yielding niches like online gaming and finance, where this EU country is fast becoming a world leader.

The €200 million project is the brainchild of Ricasoli Properties Ltd, a privately-funded entity that has entrusted the architectural challenge to EM Architects & Civil Engineers.

Lead architect Edwin Mintoff explains: “At ‘The Shoreline’, our main challenge is the need to achieve a balance between the maximisation of prime sellable residential space that gets to enjoy the sea, the unique Laguna views, and the resulting building morphology.”

The residential component will cater for a myriad of new residents expected at SmartCity as a result of the various exciting, up and coming projects that are in the pipeline or have already been announced.

Architect Mintoff said, “The architectural design of the project focuses on creating beautiful well-lit liveable spaces that merge into the large continuous balconies that inform the design of the seaward facades. Continuous horizontal lines of sleek glass balustrades punctuated by streamlined white planters, tapering balcony profiles and finishes reminiscent of luxury yacht design contribute to this prestigious and exclusive landmark complementing other major projects due to start imminently.”

Interior architecture designers CAStudio, founded and led by Architect Claire Carter, have been selected to use their multidimensional credentials and craft; an approach that embraces the project’s surroundings externally while reflecting a contemporary lifestyle with a particular attention to detail that respects the aspirations of owners and future tenants.

“Each apartment at ‘The Shoreline’ will reflect our belief and dedication to contemporary spaces with a guiding principle of creating spaces that celebrate the identity of both the owner and the space,” she explained.

Ricasoli Properties Ltd’s Managing Director Mr Steve Carter said, “The wide reaching scope and scale of the project are impressive. The project is expected to be completed by 2020.”

“The project is in a specially designated area (SDA) which status allows both EU and non-EU nationals to purchase property at ‘The Shoreline’ with the same acquisition rights as Maltese citizens, and without the need to obtain an Acquisition of Immovable Property (AIP) permit. There are no limits, therefore, on the amount of properties a buyer can purchase and, once acquired, the owner can also lease the property,” explained Mr Carter.