‘The Shoreline’: spectacular views, luxurious living on the coast

Source: Source: Times of Malta (18/06/2017)

A new landmark is set to be created at SmartCity, Kalkara, Malta.  ‘The Shoreline’ will comprise sophisticated living with 411 shoreline residences, enjoying spectacular views, landscaped open spaces, and an assortment of community amenities.

Consisting of a balanced mix of differently sized and well laid out units, overlying a 30-outlet shopping mall comprising 18,000 square metres of net rentable space, with three further levels of underground parking, ‘The Shoreline’ is by far the largest and most significant development of its type in the south side of the island.

The 145 million project is the brainchild of Ricasoli Properties Ltd, a privately-funded entity that has entrusted the architectural challenge to EM Architects & Civil Engineers.

Lead architect Perit Edwin Mintoff explains: “At ‘The Shoreline’, our main challenge is the need to achieve a balance between the maximisation of prime residential space that gets to enjoy the sea and unique Laguna views, and the resulting building morphology.

“We believe that we have managed to reach this balance by creating a building that does indeed have a large frontage facing the sea, but whose massing is placed entirely towards the back of the site, creating a large open space between itself and the public promenade along the foreshore,” he said.

The two arms of the building step towards the seafront creating large terraces at both penthouse and upper levels, while the gentle curve of the entire facade serves to soften the impact of the eleven storey block.

The open space thus created becomes a vast residential garden that accommodates a health club, and a large swimming pool. The bottom part of the podium opens onto a series of public spaces that surround SmartCity Laguna, and shall accommodate the top floor of the retail mall, thus ensuring an active frontage onto the Laguna.

The residential component will cater for a myriad of new residents expected at SmartCity as a result of the various exciting, up and coming, projects that have already been announced.

Ricasoli Properties Ltd’s Managing Director Mr Steve Carter said: “The wide reaching scope and scale of the project are impressive. This is why we have entrusted EM Architects with this project. Since 1986, EM has provided exceptional professional architectural and civil engineering services to a wide variety of clients in the public and private sectors, demonstrating creativity, forethought, sound design principles and highly technical proficiency. An open international bid for a general contractor will be launched prior to the end of the year.”

The project is in a specially designated area (SDA) which status allows both EU and non-EU nationals to purchase property at ‘The Shoreline’ with the same acquisition rights as Maltese citizens, and without the need to obtain an Acquisition of Immovable Property (AIP) permit. There are no limits on the amount of properties a buyer can purchase and, once acquired, the owner can also lease the property,” explained Mr Carter.